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We are a small independent bait and tackle company that enjoys every aspect of the great outdoors, crappie fishing has been our passion for many many years with almost 30 years of tournament fishing experience but we're not prejudice we'll chase them all. We hope that you'll enjoy our products as much as we do, not only do we make our baits we use them with confidence...... Thank You and God Bless...


Giving Back
Giving Back

     As of 12/18 we at Kranik Baitz are a newly established business and with growth we are in hopes and looking forward to giving back through proportions of sales to local, state and nationally recognized organization and with your support of our business those goals that we have set forth can become actions.  We encourage you to keep in touch...... Thank You and God Bless.....

 Here is a couple of organizations that we would like to contribute to : 

        Oklahoma Firefighters Burn Camp

        Ovarian Cancer Research

     Private donations will also be accepted.... if you would like to make a contribution to one of these organizations contact us at"> You

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